Background : thousands of people in India migrate to cities everyday in search of better food and living

Listen to the story that the minstrel has to tell
Cockadoodle do on his way to hell

He's a poor boy from the country
And lives on rotten grain
From winter through the heat of June
Until the monsoon rain

He's been watching all the TV ads
He throws away his food
This country air is killing me
This life ain't no good

Should I be me should I be you
Cockadoodle do

Listen to the story of a poor boy ...

He's walking on the city streets
Something isn't right
Glass is like a TV screen
He wants to be inside

Should I be me
Should I be you

Should I be me
Don't wanna be me

But he's a country bumpkin
He gotta make some changes first
But he don't know the cost it takes
And that better may be worse

Give me a spray of perfume
Give me a brand new shine
I'm ready to crossover
Take what is mine

So here we are at journey's end
The final twist of fate
Sprayed and dressed and at his best
..upon a silver plate

Now I'm me...

The idea : Bored with simple village stuff the young cock starts off on his journey to the city in search of better food. He rides a boat, boards a train, reaches the city. There he sees tempting food everywhere; from the roadside stalls to the posh restaurants. He tries time and again to grab some, to get into the restaurant, but gets chased away. There remains an invisible wall between him and the food, as there's always a price to pay.

Finally he could get in and reach to the table but only as the food itself.

3:20 min, Global Mobile Project

a co-production of animagineer



imagined & realized by amlan




song written & sung by bertie

music arranged by prabuddha

accompaniment by kartik das


sound subhodeep

edit ranojit

invaluable contribution from anirban, suhrid, rajlekha, tublu, ajoy, ujjal, partho, ashwika, sahadeb, prasenjit, jojo, potla, alu,

inspired by poet Sukanta Bhattacharya's Ekti Moroger Kahini (Tale of a Cockerel) writtten in the early '40s

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