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amlan datta
Born 1971, Kolkata
painter, photographer, cinematographer, film maker

‘Diploma in Films’ (Motion Picture Photography)
Film & Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, 1996

launched the company and made his first independent documentary right after the film school
worked as a freelance cinematographer for a wide range of projects both in India & abroad
 been making films as independent director/ producer for the last few years

independent documentaries, television projects, industrial/ corporate videos, TV commercials, music videos...


‘Everything Remains : a film on Chitpur Road’
, 1998, BetaCam

A 53 mins video documentary film on the life around Calcutta’s oldest road,
 Chitpur Road – a living museum, a journey through time

Who says time flies, it flies nowhere...
It gathers on your face, on your limbs,
I’ve seen it gathering on me walking down

This city street three hundred years old...



  ‘Song of the Mountains’, 2005
a 23 min documentary, DVCam

‘Before you study Zen,
mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers;

When you study Zen,
mountains are no longer mountains and rivers are no longer rivers;

But once one has enlightenment,
the mountains are once again mountains and rivers again rivers.’



‘Life and Learning’
, 2004
36 min, DVCam,

A 35 min motivational video documentary on different pedagogical practices applied by Vikramshila School
in a remote village of Bardawan and its impact on the surroundings in the campaign for Quality Education for All.




industrial video on Raw Material Division of India's largest steel maker, the Steel Authorities of India Ltd

‘3793 - let darkness be history' a product launch video for Eveready Torch

‘Circle of Magic' a corporate video for Airtel (Bihar & Jharkhand circle)

'Balmerol - keeping the nation in motion a corporate video for the country's oldest lubricant brand

‘Anmol Marie - golden ball’  TVC

‘Ford Shoes’ TVC

in Production

‘.in for motion’, 2006-08
an hour long documentary film under production, HDV/ HDCam

funded by Jan Vrijman Fund (Netherlands), in association with BBC (UK), YLE (Finland), Majade (Germany) 

A menagerie of miniscule human stories through highways and the information superhighway,
the reach of commodity and information, the democracy of distribution and upgradation…
interwoven, like beads of a necklace around a piece of thread  - the changing India.

'Chronicle of an Amnesiac', 2007
a documentary film under production for NHK, Japan

the transit to nonexistence- globalization and an old cosmopolitan

The film meets a few characters who are in the process of disappearing into the domain of amnesia.


Kolkata theke Constantinople’ (from Kolkata to Constantinople)

 a music album & videos under co-production
 Neil Mukherjee & his band Betty, Shiva, Keith


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